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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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san francisco namely california highway patrol, san francisco state police, ucpd so forth. the team and his personnel went out today and in a period of two hours, had issued 40 citations in that area today. you're going to continue to see that level of enforcement and you might see him or myself pulling you over, so that kind of collaboration is going to take place and continue to take place on fulsom and 6th and 9th. look forward to seeing a lot of blue and tan out there. chief. >> chief. >> my mistake. there is one
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more presentation. i'm going to struggle with this. >> can we keep it brief. >> teresa who is the chief of the advisory board. >> good evening. again, thank you all for this incredible effort and necessary and needed change for san francisco drawing all of our attention to public safety ety and all of our citizens safety. my name is is tracy and i'm a mother and small business owner in the san francisco district in a police distract. i'm in the city of heights and last year i became cochair of an advisory board and at the time my cochair now commander,
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sharon. so when we started our meeting last january, we wanted to start the meeting by addressing public safety and mention this idea of a well known program in northern california called street smarts. so we began to investigate street smarts and look at -- would it be feasible to bring street smarts to san francisco. i'm happy to share with you tonight, we're ready to kick start san francisco street smart this spring. many of the areas of of concentration that i've heard tonight are indeed of what street smart is about. my hope is as we get this project under way in the richmond police district, again the spring is that it strengthens and helps to compliment all these other efforts that's happening. everything is important, so -- excuse me. i have a hand out. may i
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pass these out. >> if you can speak into the mic, otherwise we can't hear you. >> we'll share one of the safety pieces, see if we can get it out there. basically street smarts and commanders can you show the blue side. thank you. the street smarts branding program is based on this blue sky and white clouds and having a message. we'll focus on five messages that will be shown on street light poles in places where there's high traffic incidents and problems with speed. the different messages focus on speed, so one the messages is -- i have to look at my notes. excuse me. stopping is apart of driving and
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thank you for slowing down. always a person on on the message as a reminder or a pointer about your traffic behavior and making way for pedestrian and not being on your phone. so over the next few months, we'll launch the program out to all the schools in the richmond district and they'll receive a safety banner that they'll keep. we'll have a website that will have all the downloadable educational material and basically we'll start to roll the program out in three phases. focusing on education and the students and then secondly focusing on the traffic element. our supervisors who have been supportive. thank you supervisor mar and supervisor farrell, so we'll map and plan out strategy based on the need and try to put the messages where they need to be
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and as soon as people enter san francisco through the golden gate area, they'll be met with the signs. as they move through certain congested or high speed areas, you'll be met with these signs so i know we'll have a length of support as we work on actually targeting these areas and getting the signs in front of people. the third part of the program is actually going it be a safe driving pledge and again in hearing some of the speakers tonight, it makes me think we should have our cab drivers have a safe driving pledge. perhaps -- but there's lots of room for improvement and hopefully everyone participates and what else can i say? i'm trying to talk as quickly as i can. let me add that street smarts actually began in dan villas a result of a child
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being hit and killed and then has expanded to the city of san jose. ten cities of marine since 2002. what we like about the program is that it can be adopted by a city scaled to the needs of the city and again customized depending on the type you like. we're focused on the five messages. have i left any big pieces out. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much for your work and -- >> to close, a couple of points supervisor kim, those 160 some odd collisions that you mentioned didn't all involve a pedestrian. those are all the collisions that occurred since the beginning of the year. i do want to commit to followup on commander alia
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commitment, we'll go back one year and that's the statute limitation and we'll start with mrs. stevenson's case so if that person wasn't issue a citation, that driver will be issued a citation and going forward, we're committed to making a decision one way or the other if a decision can be made at the scene and or doing a mail or if it requires followup investigation. in closing, remember what it says on that sign. the little girl's cite site where it pleads with drivers and cycles to slow down. i think if we can get to the zero fatality goal in her memory, maybe she wouldn't have passed in vein. >> thank you chief. colleagues, i'm going to turn to public comment and i want to begin by just
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noting that we want to give every member of the public an opportunity to speak, so i know that you probably want to applaud when some people speak, but su sustain from that so we can move the meeting forward. as i call your name, line up on your right side of the aisle. jackie and each one will have up to two minutes and you can say your comments in less than two minutes, we would appreciate it so everyone gets an opportunity to speak. wendy beck, seany, brand johnson, jc castle, cw johnson, kevin stall, michael, gary mccoy, crystal harris, reverend normal fong,
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debbie gold, howard bloomberg. >> you can line up on the left side of the room for us and your right side. go ahead please. >> good evening supervisors, good evening members of the police commission. my name is jackie briceson and happy to be here. i would like to say hello to chief sir and ed and what i want to do is draw your attention to the magic person who has to make this work. the magic isn't happening. see that wonderful sign that says "skate board and bicycle riding prohibiting on sidewalk." i pointed out to ed that i wanted to thank sandra. she works for mta and i'm a member
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of the access accessory commitment of the mta and i had asked sandra at one of our meeting, we just had the meeting today, to please look into funding because i knew they existed, the no bicycle riding or skate boarding on the sidewalk. find the signs and get them put up. she asked me where i would like to see them two up and i said 8th and market street, so if you were to go out there by the theater, you'll sea that sign and directly across the street to the intersection at the burger king, you'll shee that sign. this is one person, yours truly going to an organization matt committee and saying this needs to happen. so it's possible to get something done. it didn't take a lot of time. it didn't cost a lot of money and you know i like to say something positive, so again, i thank you so much for
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the opportunity to have sandra, for her to find this stuff and it got done. you can make it happen. i did it. thanks a lot. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good evening, my name is wendy beck and i'm a walking miracle. it's a miracle that i have not killed by a bicycle or a car after countless misses. i'm a walker and driver who biked and walked in new york city but i never have felt threatened here in san francisco. i had to knock on the window of a texting driver so she would see me when i crossed and i got outrage. to help make vision zero a law, make a law of texting while driving. any things might help by putting more count down stoplights and no right on red
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at certain intersections and campaigns but the most important thing is to stop distracting drivers by placing unmarked cars at corners and placing more emphasis on moving violations than parking. a parking car, a parked car never killed anyone. thank you for making this a priority in san francisco. >> thank you very much. i'm going it read a couple of more names. >> john alex, dawain, zach marks, edward and i apologize if i'm my pronouncing your name. next speaker, please. >> hello everyone, i'm crystal harris and i'm a california resident. i've worked for a company, a bicycle company in san francisco for many year and i like to share
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a story that happened outside of san francisco but i truly believe in san francisco as being an [inaudible] type city. if you do have zero fatalities, you will spread a social movement. my story is that. i was involved in a collision where i was hit broad side in a bike lane in a crosswalk. i had stopped at the stop sign and the driver didn't stop at his stop sign. i sustained a severe brain injury and a cone fractured skull and a fractured vertebrae. and i still have seizures. i feel i was doing three important things in my life when i was hit. i was getting my master degree in mental health counseling and i was also learning to teach yoga as well as many other things, working
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four hours a week as a university counselor. all of those things stop when you're hit by a car and i have faith in the city of san francisco and definitely, definitely having zero fatalities so that you can show the rest of the world the truth that with he need to be more compassionate and human. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> reverend, how are you? >> i'll try to be quick but i need to bring the high schoolers up front. thank you to the supervisors. you were all with me at church on sunday because a famous leader died. a couple of weeks before that, a little girl was killed. i have three bikers in my
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church that i had to go to the emergency room. this is just too much and i don't feel this is just an issue. i mean this is about can we make san francisco better in a safer way and i'm not calling the bus driver that killed my high school kid a criminal because i have friends who are bus drivers but when you make a right turn with a bus, it's dangerous. on broadway i as there when an elder was killed there and i get crap from others in community that say, wait, what do you mean. we can't bring our big trucks in china on stockton street. that's impossible. kurny, one of our resident were killed. there's too much. recently i had to carry a senior across kurney, but what's
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the issue there. how many seconds do you get to cross there. it's going to cost a lot and there's going to be people yelling. captain tom is my buddy and he's worried he's going to give out more tickets. this is it and we're going to go forward as chief and slow down san francisco. thank you. >> thank you reverend. next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is lisa and impart of c cd c campaign academy and yesterday i went to the pedestrian safety focus group and in the focus group i heard many seniors talk about their concerns for safety when it comes to a car. so many of them said they're afraid that they might be the one to get into the accident next, so on
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behalf of the seniors and also the people that attended the meeting yesterday, i would like to -- i hope that the safety for pedestrian will improve and also for bicyclist and sometimes when i walk-through broadway and powell, where the broadway tunnel is because when i walk home from the youth center and many of the cars are speeding to get into our come out the tunnel and sometimes when cars try to turn and like go into the tunnel, it's like sometimes it gets in front of me and i get really scared because they won't watch or wait until they see there's no more pedestrian that's going to cross, so i hope they'll be improvements there and also other places which has problems or a lot of accidents that occurs. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello, my name is david. i
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want to talk about on behalf of the resident of china town too. many seniors wanted us to talk about changing the enforcement and also the education on safety laws and also -- they also hope that one day to see taxis be a safer place for many pedestrian. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> my name is johnson. i'm an tenant organizer that deals with mobility issues. last year i got hit by a bus. there was no followup. there was no -- they sent me a check to repair my bike. i want to know what happened to the driver that hit me. did he get suspended, did he get - this
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has to change. if this project is going to work, it has to take us to look at the law and change those loophole that's allow drivers to get away with what they getaway with because we can't ask these guys to do a job when the law is only this. two, we definitely have to make the mayor and the supervisor accountable to the community to step up and say, hey, these laws aren't working. how can you work with us to change these laws and what we can do about that. third and -- third, i don't think i'm an evil minded person. all of us working together has to make this work. but let's be realistic, vehicles are the most deadliest things on the street, so that's why the fatality is focused on that, but we have to give them their tools to do their job. >> we have someone from the mta
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that's going to followup. i have a few more names. kate, michael and andrew peterson. >> my name is castle, and i'm with the tenant housing clinic as an outreach worker. i like to appreciate or express my an appreciation for this issue. i'm looking forward to seeing -- follow through and commitment to this. and maybe -- it's on a ten year plans zero fatalities and so forth. i would like to see some urgency on this because this is serious. i appreciate your efforts and the
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activist and the media attention to this and the bike coalition. i like to thank the independent media such as san francisco guardian that brought this to our attention earlier and so forth but i would like -- i would be happy to see a followup and commitment on this and i appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> good evening. everybody. i'm a community organizer working hard with a great group of pedestrian on our safety campaign. this safety issue tends to be more of an issue in san francisco, but in low income areas. we feel ignored by the law enforcement when it comes to public safety issues. and i like what someone said today is we need to change the cultural
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understanding regarding this idea of these fatalities being accidents or crimes. we need to take it more seriously in the way that it affects everybody and holds the people who are causing these fatalities responsible. but also we're hoping that law enforcement takes very strong steps to prevent these fatalities and also to create streets which are made for pedestrian and for everybody, not just drivers. as it was said today, this is a city of walkers. let's keep it that way, but also make sure that those pedestrian and walkers and everybody is safe. jakia story touches me and that's when it came to me. this isn't just another story. this happens to a lot of people and these are heart warming stories and we hope that we can prevent such a thing for
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happening so thank you so much and that's it. thanks. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening, my name is michael and i live in the north pan handle and i biked here and i walk or bike or drive. sitting here through a couple of hours of statements made me think this is a tricky hearing to respond to because everyone is saying the right things and i think so many of us really, really want to believe and at the same time other than some notable exceptions, over the years, we've heard it all before, so there's a challenge whether to take the leap of faith that this time it will happen. people will be
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accountable and it's well and good to say let's not point fingers at people or blame people, but it's hard to do that when you've lost someone on the street because of our unsafe streets or someone's disabled and we've all talked about how accountability is key and i would really, really like to see more of that so that when something gets done as you said it would get done we can come to you and we can say, good job. we can say to the chief, to the commission and the board of supervisors and the directors of the mta, good job and when you haven't voted your position, when you haven't funded it, then we have to say not good enough and your actions are putting us at risk. thank you. >> thank you sir, and i'm going to read a few more names. nick
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and birt and kelly baker. medalline and lisa and david tran. next speaker. >> good evening. i'm debbie gold and i live in district 6 and i'm on the safety committee and i'm on captain redman c-pad. i was listen to everyone during the course of the evening and i don't need it add to all the stories because we all agree on the same issues, however, i do want to say that i've been a driver for over 40 years and i learned how to drive from studying the dmv manual. no one has mentioned about including a representative from the dmv and i would also like to suggest that maybe
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each police officer has a copy of the dmv manual. i'm thinking that maybe some of the police officers, maybe the bus drivers, maybe the truck drivers, maybe those people who are out there who are breaking the laws have lost sight of the basic rules of the road, and my suggestion would be to maybe have the dmv manual accessible to everybody. and thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. don't be shy. you can line up closer to the podium. >> thank you, my name is howard and i live in sulma and i was on fourth street walking south and waiting for my pedestrian signal to change am i saw a truck approach the stop line on the 4th street ramp and saw its signal turn yellow. the truck could have easily stopped
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on the yellow light but it went through. its light turned red even before it was halfway through the intersection. my walk right was turned two to three seconds before the truck cleared the intersection and i can begin my delayed process. the behavior by the truck is permissive by the yellow rule. a pedestrian crossing veal couldn't see that the truck had taken average of permissive yellow. the pedestrian was struck and kill. the affect of permissive yellow on cars, now streaking through intersections at high speed is unfortunately part of san francisco city skate. ironically the count down signals have provided drivers with an effective lengthening of the yellow signal. the
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flashing hand signal prompts motorist to increase their speeds earlier than before in order to clear the intersection. the affect is higher and more dangerous speeds. in my opinion, speed control is the element of reducing pedestrian collision. >> thank you very much. we have a representative from recollege so once public comment is over, we'll give them an opportunity to speak about the work they're doing. next speaker >> my daughter was killed and i'm her father mcdonald. i see one recommendation missing. pedestrian fatalities have become a worldwide epidemic, but we can lead the way a campaign that the whole will follow. this is a great start, but it's not answer to
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completely making vision zero a complete reality. we need our elected officials to work aggressively with our congress and us senate to pass a bill through legislation mandating that all new vehicles sold in vehicles have accident safety sensors installed. we always hear he jumped in front of me too many times. imagine the lives we would save with those censors installed. i know it's too late for my daughter, but if this meeting is about preserving life, vision zero should start with a pedestrian or accident prevention censors. >> thank you sir and sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your story with us. next speaker. >> hello, my name is kevin stall and i'm a safety
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organizer. i want to thank the board members for having this meeting tonight. i support commissioner kim and that education and enforcement will help make our streets safer. i would like to say to pedestrian and cyclist and drivers to be more responsible for your actions. being responsible shouldn't be demanded but should be a common sense of our lives like being a kind person. lastly as our city becomes more dense with a population, we need to change our views from our smartphones examine i-pods to the views of people and the scenery of this beautiful and evolving city and the possibilities of the future. thank you for your time and i hope everyone continues to stay safe. >> next speaker, please. thank you very much. >> my name is dawain.


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